Who the hell is Al Clunnie?

What? Who the hell are you?

Alright, seriously. I'm a freelance web developer and a #lifestyledesign coach.

So if you're looking for an awesome website, you're in the right place (unless you want e-commerce - I hate doing that shit).

Or if you're looking to get "more" from life, I might be your guy, too. *Terms and conditions apply.

Web development

I like working with coaches, consultants, and people who call themselves "rockstars", "ninjas" & "gurus". I make sweet, sweet website love to them (Um, I mean, I make sweet, sweet websites for them).

I like working with small businesses looking to attract more local customers through SEO.
I'll Google your business up the wazoo.

I fucking hate e-commerce. What a kick in the balls that is. Don't waste my time.


I work best with committed, driven men who are tired of going through the same old shit day after day, year after year.

I enjoy working with family men, or men that are at least in a long term relationship of any flavour.

*I can't work with you if you expect me to do the work for you, or if you like to blame others and complain. Or if you're just a dick.